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LIVE STRTGY Meeting No. 5

Strategy before Execution.
Talking about Growth Strategy with Pedro Clivati, Head of Product Growth at

Thursday, September 10th
6:30 PM CEST​

Predro Clivati
Head of Product-Growth at
Antonio Civita

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What it is about

The Head of Product Growth of the world’s largest community for business growth shares powerful tips and wisdom on how to start designing your growth strategy: from developing a culture of growth and a set of shared metrics to launch any kind of experiment within your business. Because you either do it or there is 99% chance you are going to fail.


Why you should attend

  1. Learn how to link OKRs and Growth Hacking
    • What happens when growth doesn’t have a strategy
    • The three layer cadence of KPIs of any growth strategy
    • Process + Culture
    • Steps by step suggestion to build your own strategy
  2. Get the framework built by Pedro and Antonio

Guest's bio

Pedro Clivati is the head of growth at, where he is responsible for the supervision of the process of experimentation across the entire customer journey, including all the brands assets: Community, Experiments platform, Workflow platform, University and Job board.

Before joining GH, he co-founded Contentools, a content marketing platform (acq) and took part in numerous acceleration programs (500Startups, Launch, GrowthX). 

When he is not testing things, he enjoys rock climbing or surfing! 

Antonio Civita works in innovation and strategy for select clients who have decided to grow faster than the competition by implementing structured, rigorous and shared management processes.

He is committed to the intersection of Business, Design and Technology to give Leaders back the time to work on Strategy and create within organizations Stronger People, More Motivated Teams, More Efficient Processes, Happier Customers and Higher Profits.

The STRTGY Manifesto

STRTGY is a movement based on the idea that designers will be the initiators of a great transformation in the world that we will experience in the next years. 

Designers, who do not just deal with design but also and mainly with business and technology, will show through their work how Customer Experience (CX) can have a positive impact on company profitability. 

Transformative technologies become quickly available to everyone at the speed of Moore’s Law and are no longer a major competitive advantage.

There is a stronger need for the professional expertise that only experience is able to provide.

A combination of creativity, tech competence, psychology and analytical skills to be able to read the market and act fast. 

A new way of collaboration is thus needed, inside and outside companies, to innovate and develop new, temporary competitive advantages. 

So, who will be the winner? Those who will be able to fill the gap between Design, Business and Technology better and faster than their competitors.


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